infistar blocking AMS menu

      infistar blocking AMS menu

      Hello me and Beshire been trying to find a fix for the problem of infistar blocking AMS menu's on the F-15 Eagle and the F-14 Tomcat Mods from
      we have got the F-16, A10 Warthog, to work with adding the IDDs or ID to the allowed list or whatever beshire calls it. but the F-15 / F-14 still block and ban are players when they click it and/or miss click the AMS Menu's
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      yup when i get it all working i'll drop all IDD's here
      When i get into the F-15E it opens the menu for short second then closes, and i'm able to see the below log in side the A3_Exile_Altis_SURVEILLANCELOG__16_05_2018.log But. When i do the same with the F-14 it "closes really fast kicks me outa the server" and there is no A3_Exile_Altis_SURVEILLANCELOG__16_05_2018.log added for the Event

      and - v92]
      16.05.2018 10:52:28: Helleye!(76561198054495127) | Not Allowed Display with idd: 7701, parent idd: -1, texts: ["1200: FIR_F15\ui\f15E_background_ca.paa","1201: FIR_F15\ui\f15E_loadout_ca.paa","1610: FIR_AirWeaponSystem_US\ui\button_ades.paa","1001: Select Preset","1002: STA 2","1003: STA 2A","1004: STA 2B","1005: STA 8","1006: STA 8A","1007: STA 8B","1008: LCT 1","1009: LCT 2","1010: LCT 3","1011: LCT 4","1012: LCT 5","1013: LCT 6","1014: RCT 1","1015: RCT 4","1016: RCT 2","1017: RCT 5","1018: RCT 3","1019: RCT 6","1020: STA 5","1021: TGP","8500: FIR_F15\ui\button_repair.paa","8501: FIR_F15\ui\button_refuel.paa","8503: FIR_AirWeaponSystem_US\ui\button_killmark_ca.paa","8506: FIR_F15\ui\button_name_ca.paa","8507: FIR_F15\ui\button_apply.paa","8508: FIR_F15\ui\button_cancel.paa","1711: FIR_AirWeaponSystem_US\ui\preset_button_add.paa","1713: FIR_AirWeaponSystem_US\ui\preset_button_update.paa","1712: FIR_AirWeaponSystem_US\ui\preset_button_remove.paa","1710: FIR_AirWeaponSystem_US\ui\preset_button_apply.paa","1025: wso weap"] | 2h 51min 15s [28-04-2018 03-45-57 - v92]

      all i get for the F-14 is this:
      16.05.2018 11:15:45: Helleye!(76561198054495127) isAdmin? true: MenuBasedHack :: -1 :: 1601 (PLAYER IS ADMIN)
      when i get one of my players to do it:
      16.05.2018 11:44:15: =HOG= WINTER SOLDIER(76561198240374174 - 20) banned: true, reason: MenuBasedHack :: -1 :: 1610

      Alot of the other F-15's like the J,C,DJ will just ban you. and give no log

      The F-15's have Two different menu's i have only found the one for the F-15E Strike eagle witch is 7701, so i started digging around in the mods files and with Ctrl-F and found
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@F-15 Eagle\Addons\FIR_F15_Cfg
      and in the GUI.hpp i found this
      class F15E_GUI
      idd = 7701;
      movingenable = "false";
      class Controls
      But the other jets are set to -1 like this
      class f15c_GUI
      idd = -1;
      movingenable = "false";
      class Controls
      witch everything set to -1 will kick and auto ban by infistar

      Also under
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@FIR AWS(AirWeaponSystem)\Addons\FIR_AirWeaponSystem_US_cfg
      GUI.hpp file with Ctrl-F IDD you will find alot IDD's not sure if any of them will help. but AWS is for all Weapon's on Firewills mods

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      Any update to this? Having same issue with firewill harrier mod.

      -1 is whitelisted but still player is banned.

      added all of the other IDD's I could find within the files and still no good.

      BanLog includes messages like this one
      banned: true, reason: MenuBasedHack :: -1 :: 1601

      So is -1 not working in the whitelist??

      thank you for any feedback.