[EU]The Neighborhood|PVP|Revive|AI|Missions|Zombies|EBM|AdvRopes

    [EU]The Neighborhood|PVP|Revive|AI|Missions|Zombies|EBM|AdvRopes

    Since no one has started a thread here yet i thought i would be the first to contribute.

    I am currently building a Exile Server that i hope people would enjoy.
    My hope is that i am able to create a great community and to achieve this i need a stable playerbase so feel free to join.
    I have been working with tweaking settings for a while but there is still much that remains to be done.
    You can find the server using the Arma 3 Default Launcher or by using the A3Launcher

    Client Side mods:
    -Advanced Urban Rappelling
    -Advanced Rappelling
    -Extended Base Mod
    -Ryan's Zombies & Demons
    -Enhanced Movement
    -Exile Mod

    Server Side mods/features:

    -Dynamic Mission System
    -Exile Occupation
    -Infistar (Anti Hack/Territory Manager/Apps)
    -Enigma Exile Revive
    -Apoc Airdrop
    -Advanced Towing
    -Advanced Sling Loading
    -IgiLoad Script
    -ExAd XM8 Apps
    • Grinding Locks
    • Virtual Garage
    • Hacking Virtual Garage and Safes
    • View Distance (Maxed at 2100m)
    • Customizable StatsBar

    If you would like to follow our progress or you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to join our Discord Server and leave some feedback.

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